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Food poisoning is on the low since Covid 19 and I’ve never been more grateful

Picture this: its 2am and you’re drunk eating a kebab in the Moroccan hotel lobby with your new tour friends, laughing at the mess of lettuce and sauce on the floor and all seems great in the world.   Fast forward to nine hours later and you’ve already squatted over a dirty, nose hair burning smell of […]

The year that we gained – 2020

I think it’s fair to say 2020 wasn’t what anyone expected; the Summer Olympics in Tokyo were meant to happen, our friends went mad over toilet paper, weddings were cancelled and the Euro trip that was booked and paid for had to be delayed until the unknown. The start of a new decade that had […]

Keeping secrets

Ill keep your secrets even if we aren’t friends, I always thought it was not just the decent thing to do but the normal thing. Recently, I learnt of an ex friend going out of her way to find a guy I had been with and attempting to not only shag him but slander me. […]