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I tried the period cup and the panties, are the OG tampons still the best?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen the advertisements online for the period cup. They’re branded as being better for the environment, your vagina and last up to 8hours, so you don’t have to keep rushing to the bathroom to change your tampon every two hours. I decided to purchase one of them […]

What if I’m the toxic one?

I am all for removing toxic people from your life; I’ve done it myself more times than I like to count, but the harsh truth is, sometimes I’ve been the toxic one. It’s that icky feeling when you’ve done something and later wondered if you were in the wrong. The reverse of the shower arguments replaying what […]

Women are tired of being labelled aggressive.

You’re too aggressive. Why are you so confrontational? It would be best if you changed your tone. Sound familiar? Since the dawn of time, women have been expected to be the silent, agreeable party in the world. We’re told we have emotions, and we act on them and not in a positive way. It’s not […]