Why is saying happy birthday on Facebook a thing?

Why is saying happy birthday on Facebook a thing?

Thirty is not the new twenty

I am petty – i know this, my friends know this. Not about everything, but when it comes to Facebook birthdays i am pretty much a seventh grader in a womans body. Before you wonder, yes i was also myspace top friend petty, I have grown out of that level but when i get the notifications of who’s birthday it is on social media i admit, i check if they wrote to me before i decide if i am saying it to them.

Fortunately, my birthday is in April so i have a pretty good indiction for the rest of the year who I am going to return wishes to if they didn’t start the year off wishing me happy returns. It had me thinking recently; am i alone in doing this or is everyone else just as petty as me?

TIME magazine published an article of Facebook etiquette in…

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